Ways to Shoot Girls

Buddy, one thing you should realize: there's only shoot culture in Indonesia. I do not know where it comes from. Try to remember, when you first heard that if a man wants to be loved a woman, then he should ask and ask for permission first at the woman.

"I like you .. you would not be a girlfriend I am?", Or even worse, "May I be your boyfriend?"

I believe, the first time you know the concept of shooting is when you still Schools. In other words, shoot cultures is a trend among teens who do not know how to start a real romance relationship.

Teens who do not understand how a relationship with a woman who likes romance. Therefore they ask and get permission, so they get a confirmation that she also likes them and is willing to establish relationships romance that more special.

Ask for validation of the woman. Ask for recognition.

If you are currently attending school and wear school uniforms, so please just do this. Please just shoot. Since only the methods you know. Because, you also have not experienced.

But if you are a grown man who wants a woman to establish a relationship of adult romance as well, then shoot obviously not the right way.

There are two main reasons why the shot was a BIG MISTAKE. we call it a 'sin'.

(1) When you shoot, then you're handed all the happiness of yourself and your romance life destiny in the hands of the woman. When the woman's favor, then he will accept you and you'll be happy. If not, then he will reject you and make you suffer.

It makes you be in a position weaker and less profitable. You put your happiness in the hands of the woman's control. Means you are more in need. This is clearly not a relationship of mutual and balanced.

For example, such a business transaction, where the first cast all trading decisions on both sides. There was no negotiation, no haggling price, no relationship MUTUAL need. The second party will clearly take the most advantageous decisions.

(2) When you shoot, you put a big responsibility on her shoulders. You are forced to make decisions that are important to his life. When shot, she became hesitant and dilemmas. Many things he should consider. If he accepts you, but it turned out later that relationship is not going well then it means it is his fault.

In other words, you escape responsibility. You give a burden on the woman, a burden that should be your responsibility as a man.

And obviously, no one who wants to be blamed. Therefore, women tend to resist. That is the choice easier for him! For those of you who like to watch the show Tell me love that popular a few years ago, how many men are denied? More than 90%!

Most men do not know that there are many other ways to initiate and establish a special relationship with a woman WITHOUT HAVING TO SHOOTS!

A more mature, elegant, and romantic. Way that does not make a woman so burdened and confused, but it shows responsibility and leadership as a true gentleman.

They said, "At first was pretty good, he would in whom the street, often telephone, etc.. But after I shot, he immediately turned 180 degrees. Do not want to take out again in picking up the phone and I often do not .."

Friend, you are denied because you shoot! If you do not shoot, then you will not be denied, is not it?

It's a very logical statement.

Not understand? Let me explain a little.

Imagine you are a man well-established, successful and have a broad association. You do not have a problem both in romance or socializing. You are surrounded by many friends both women and men. You are a figure of a man of quality. The figure of a man who has a high value.

Is he qualified it will spit his feelings on the woman and asks permission to be her lover?

Is James Bond would shoot a woman? Is Brad Pitt going to shoot a woman? Do you think Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman when shooting started their relationship?

I do not think so.

CHOOSE A quality guy who can get any woman in his life. Men are not looking for quality validation and recognition of women he likes. He knew the woman and'VE REALLY like him.

There may be an awkward from the story above. How can the woman may be attracted to him if he does not express / show their feelings?

The answer is the quality that he possesses. With her attitude. With his personality. You do not have to show an interest in words. Like it even more powerful and valuable.

Simplenya like this, a brand / product quality will not ask us to buy their products clearly.

You never see an ad that its tagline "Buy it yah?

Instead, they show how quality products, by the way, may include the Nutrition Facts when the product is food & Beverages, how long have these products in circulation, recommended by experts, and others.

If you show your feelings (shooting) or in the case of a product, telling consumers to buy your product, maybe you will face rejection.

The same thing applies to men. You must have these qualities in order to be a woman is interested. So rather than shoot, you better focus on the quality of your self and if the time has come, you just need to select and determine which lucky woman will be your companion in the aisle later:)

But remember, that day will not come before you enrich yourself with the qualities that make a woman interested.

Still want to shoot? ♥ ♥ ♥



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