God&Einstein: Religion vs Science

Since it hard for me to make a comparison I'd like to read different ideas about this.

Personally,for me,both science and religion were created by humankind for solving some problems.
Science makes our live easier,while religion started as a need of somekind of consitution(from my point of view the 10 commitments are like a consitution- set of rulez to be followed,and most of them are common sense).
The history and the concept of past only exists to prove us how wrong both of them can be,and this fact itself reminds us that both were invented by humankind,therefore they both are imperfect.

So this topic is actually like a game.
You must believe in one of those(religion or science) or both of them.
Make a statement and after your statement put the scores.The next person that makes a statement must consider the previous score, posted by a previous person,before posting a new score.
Please do not discuss these ideas in here(actually you can do that but make sure last things in your post are: statement and score).And respect the way other's think,even if you think that they are wrong.

And by the way,you can make more statements.Make i'll get enlighted.
Personally again,i like what Mahatma Gandhi used to say(when he was alive i guess =p):
“God has no religion”
“I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

Ok,so here is my statement:

Both religion and science were invented by humankind therefore both of them must be wrong.
We can't prove most thinks connected to religion,and science was wrong before.



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