Speed up your computer by using HD-Tach to measure HD access time

1) open HD Tach 

2) Choose the size of file to be tested, using 32MB will take longer but, provide accurate results of your HDD's performance with larger files; then click 'run test'

3) Once the test is over, you will be presented with a graph of results like this

4) Using the results can help you dertermine if your PC's performance is let down by your PATA HDD, if you consistenly recieve results under UDMA m2 (33.3MB/s) on a ATA-66 Board, then you may have to make the HDD use a ATA66 (80 cable) wire, which speeds of up to 66.6 MB/s.
If you are using a SATA HDD, you should be getting results better than the ATA equivalence of your drive but, not many HDD's ever have a constant burst speed of more than 130MB/s.
If you are looking for reliable HDD performance, get your self a SCSI MB and get a ultra 640 SCSI HDD and cable, which allows burst speeds up to 640MB/s, but this is rare and mostly ever used for heavy load servers.

I hope this tutorial has given more understanding of your HDD Performance and how to improve it.
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