hacking local passwords + wep cracking with fast method

How to hack into wep wireless and hack local passwords stored in windows using backtrack Linux


Backtrack Linux is a operating system that can run off of a live CD or a USB drive. It is very good for local password cracking and wireless key cracking. You can get it from This is a Free download that only took me about 30 minutes to download and about 10 minutes to write it properly to the CD/USB.
I will not include in this tutorial how to properly put backtrack on your boot-able device.

______Getting Started______

After you put backtrack on to your device you should start by restarting your computer. Make sure you have your USB stick in or your CD in. When it starts up press the boot menu option (What ever the key is.) And selecting what ever device you have. You should see a Terminal pop up and it loading. Depending on what version you have or what you started (flux, etc) it will either start up or just be the terminal. Just because backtrack looks nice (If you still have the terminal.) you should login as root with password toor and then type startx or xstart and then the visual will start up.

______Wireless Wep Cracking______

First go down near the start menu and look for a icon that looks like a terminal. once that's opened up you should type: airmon-ng

This will display the wireless devices that are working for backtrack3. after you type that your should see eth1 or ath0 or ath1 or something similar depending on the device. Because I have ath0 i will type for this next command : airmon-ng stop ath1 (ath 1 because you cannot stop ath0) then after you type that type: airmon-ng start ath0 (yes ath0)
this starts monitor mode. Then for the quickest method for cracking wep type wesside-ng -i ath1
if network is in use it should crack the key in a matter of minutes. Youtube watchers will be quickest to crack. Once it is cracked you should see [**:**:**:**:**] take away the :'s and thats the key.

______Cracking local passwords______

For this we will be using this site has a huge amount of tables so it shouldn't take to long to get the password.

First go to terminal and type bkhive /mnt/sda1/WINDOWS/system32/config/system key

Make sure you have this exactly the capitals are the important part.

after that type: samdump2 /mnt/sda1/WINDOWS/system32/config/SAM key

you should see some users and numbers and letters copy the string you want cracked like admin:ahdsfhadsfhahsduasdfh(etc).

Then go to plain text and go to add hashes then paste the hashes there. Then choose the Algorithm lm. enter the security code and submit. this can take a little bit so wait a sec. go to search if you want to see it more often i guess (that's what i do). and paste the hash there to.


I hope this very brief tutorial helped you out with cracking passwords and wep keys. This is only to be used for educational purpose's only.
no hack no love...


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