Hack Wi-Fi or Wireless Hotspot

Hello all, long time no see. I'm back again with tutorial to hack a wifi connection or we used to call with 'hotspot' . Well, if you find out that there is a wifi connection in your neighbourhood, i know that you want to be able connecting to that wifi. But how? If that wifi has no security key like WEP or WPA encryption, now that's your luck. But what if that wifi connection has these network security? That's why i'm here, sharing you the how-to's :)

As usual, if we want to do something then we need some requirements.
  1. Software CommView® for WiFi
  2. Aircrack - NG
You can find those two on internet or you can download them here
I assume that you already understand on how to install and use Aircrack for your OS type. If not, the see Aircrack official website.

Next thing to do is, install CommView. After that, let the journey begin :D
  • Copy and paste "cv.exe" file to the install directory (ex: "C:\Program Files\Commviewwifi)
  • Run CommView, let it detect your wireless card and install the driver. You should have one card that's connected with CommView. Select "Driver Installation Guide" in tab "Help" for help (of course !)
  • After that, select "Enable Advanced Rules" in tab "Rules". Write in "tods=1 and dmac=FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF" in the box with name formula. Then click add/editt after naming it.
  • Go to Setting -> Options -> Memory Usage , choose max buffer packets to 20000 (max). Except the first one named as "capture data packets", uncheck all the other check bars on the main bar of CommView.
  • After that, start scanning the network. If you found your required network, click on the capture button after selecting your desired network.
  • Utilize you spare adapter, try connect with password protected network. If you asked for key, type anything. Yes, anything, random, like asdasd or 1234567qwerty.
  • Connected? Yes, but it probably shows the yellow triangle limited connectivity sign. Back to CommView menu, there should be a couple of packets in packets tab.
  • Seek for some packets name as IP/UDP, ARP REQ, and a couple of others on the protocol column. Right click on ARP REQ and select "Send Packet". Small bar will come out of nowhere. Change packets per second to 2000 and send it.
  • Back to our dearest CommView again, got to tab "Rules" again and uncheck the rule you made earlier.
  • You can see the number of packets rising quickly. Click save button in the tab "File" , saving every 20000 packets. Try saving it as a "dump" .cap file, instead of saving as an ncf file.
Now we have business with Aircrack-NG. Extract the files, open folder "bin" and run aircrack-ng-GUI, then click launch after selecting dump file you saved previously. From the list of IV's, pick the target you want to hack.

 Tadaa, you have connected now, enjoy your free wireless internet connection...enjoy guys...


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