Are you Male Leaders?

One of the elements of personality that glossy is leadership, leadership. A glossy men are men who can lead, not only himself, but also the people around him and certainly, the women. Social scientists say that the depravity that occurred in our world today is because we lack a leader figure. Stock of the leader is very limited. That's why everyone is always interested in the figure of a charismatic leader, because they are rare creatures. And the joint also applies in the romance of the problem, she always wanted a figure of male leaders.

Lead the men and the women will from follow "the phrase was not a figment. Now you think, why the fans tend to be worshiping the vocalist in a rock band compared with other music players? Why are the spiritual leaders in places of worship you always surrounded by women? Why boss-boss with easy affair with his secretary? The answer: because they are the leader. And women are attracted by the figure of the leader.

I'm not asking you to be president, or boss renowned vocalist company with a turnover of billions of dollars, not at all. You can still apply the mindset of leaders in your life everyday. In your social environment.

Imagine for a moment, you invite a woman to hang out with you and your social peers. Interaction patterns such as what would be seen by a woman? Whether he will see you as a leader in the midst of your friends, who actively took the initiative and create a warm and exciting atmosphere, or will he see a passive figure who can only follow it? Or even worse, he will see you become the month thereafter your group?

If you invite a woman to go on dates, maybe just a dinner or hang out, whether he will see you as the figure of a leader who knows exactly what he was doing? Or he would see her nervous, confused and always asked the woman: going to eat what? Want to watch what? Want to hang out where? And could only walk behind the him and follow his will?

I think, you often see something like that everywhere. The man walked behind to follow her as she brought a bag or groceries, while the woman walked in front with indifference, and occasionally stop and go into a shoe store suddenly without saying anything. It's by the man she really expect to always follow.

You might think that women really like to be treated like that. But the truth is not at all. If you have any experience in relationships with women before, you'll understand what I mean. When the woman asked You: "Want to eat it in?" And you replied: "Whatever ye are .. 'How many times things like this finally is followed by fighting and fighting?

I understand that, by answering, "It's up to you just .." you mean well. You put the interests of the woman on your interests. As a man, no problem for you to eat anything and anywhere, the important thing is the woman to choose as he wishes and happy. But women do not like to accept a "whatever" in reply. Because it shows you do not perform your role as a man, do not have the initiative and lazy.

Women really like when you try to please him. And by taking a decision about what to eat and where, it shows you've tried, it means you have taken the time to think about dating.

Imagine, a prince riding a white that has been through various kinds of challenges; against dragons and climb the walls of the palace in order to save the princess. And when the princess was sitting on the lap of the prince in the saddle horse, the prince asked the princess: "So we want to where now, princess?" Obviously it's not every woman's fantasy.

So you have to do every time you invite a date a woman is making sure you have determined where to go and willing to doing. Even if you need to buy cinema tickets or make reservations at a restaurant where you will go. You've prepared everything for the sake of the him. And believe me, it will give a lasting impression on the woman.

And one more tips which I will share with you, if you invite a date a woman. Tell her to wear certain clothes or accessories. For example, ask him to wear a skirt or wear a big circle earrings. Not only this side will show your leadership, because hanyas eorang clear leader who knows what she wants, but she really likes to look pretty for the man she liked.

I do not think I need to explain again, that being a leader is not just by ordering others to do things, but a leader is a person who is responsible for all actions and take responsibility for the people under his leadership. And make sure the people he led are satisfied.



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