Qwerty Keypad Vs Touch Screen

Smartphones in today’s world are getting smarter and smarter in terms of OS, Computing ability, connectivity, memory, design and technology . They more or less possess similar types of features like music playback, video capture, photography, mobile gaming and Internet services. So what allures users more when the features become common among the different brands of smartphones? Answer is simple and implicit. The users are attracted towards the sound quality, contemporary technology, easy handling , high speed connectivity, high quality video capturing etc. But these features are not so responsible for the conflict among the smartphone manufacturers. Do you remember the battle between Apple Iphone and Blackberry? The two mobile phone giants are battling for only one simple reason , one is leading the market in the Touch Screen technology and other in the Qwerty Keypad technology.

Battle between Touch Screens and Qwerty Keypad is always been a hot topic among mobile users. Different people have different views on it. If you ask me I prefer Qwerty Keypad over Touch Screen. But each has its own advantages.

Advantages Of Qwerty Keypad Over Touch Screen

High Speed Typing

If you do a lots of sms,emails or write blogs, articles etc for your website then qwerty keypads are best option. Qwerty keypads make typing much easier and faster than touch screen virtual keypads. The typing becomes more irritating in case of touch screens operated using stylus.

Accuracy and Confidence

Qwerty gives a feeling of accuracy and confidence to users. Users know that what they type is what they expect. Touching the actual keys gives more confidence than touching the virtual keys. The input certainty and accuracy of virtual keys depend upon its virtual key size and calibration. Iphone users don't face much problems due to large virtual key size.

Hardy and Cost Of Damage Is Less

Touch screen handsets are very delicate in comparison to Qwerty handsets. Touch Screens are likely to break when fall down accidently and replacing it with a new screen would incur you a high cost.

Independency On Stylus

Most of the touch screens have stylus for operations. It increases overhead for the users. It’s very difficult for them to take it out in public places and operate. But you can operate Qwerty handsets even with one hand.

Free From Sensitivity And Calibration Problem

Most of the low budget touch screen mobile phones suffer from low sensitivity. One might have to touch a required area again and again to trigger the operation. For good sensitivity mobiles also sometimes you need to calibrate the screen properly to increase its accuracy.

I have emphasized on the advantages of QWERTY keypad over touch screen. But one cannot be full of advantages or disadvantages. Popularity of Touch Screens clearly indicates that they also possess some remarkable features which are absent in QWERTY keypad phones. Moreover, since the Iphone and Android mobile phones came to the scene using full Touch Screen mobiles doesn't seem to as bad as before. So advantages of Touch Screens over QWERTY keypads are as follows:-

Advantages Of Touch Screen Over Qwerty Keypad

Elegantly Designed

Needless to say Touch Screens are elegantly designed. As they have virtual keypads, the screens are much bigger in size. It creates a prominent visual effect to users. But QWERTY phone screens are almost half the size of Touch Screens. On the other hand users are more attracted towards the stylish look and cutting edge technology rather than the old design and procedure of input by pressing the keys.

High Memory Volume

Most of the touch screen mobiles come with High volume internal memory. Apple Iphone comes in 8GB or 16GB memory, depending on the model specifications whereas QWERTY Phones are restricted to 128 MB of internal memory and the possibility of expanding the memory through MicroSD card slots.

More Interactive Web Browsing Experience

Touch Screens support swipe, pinch and multitouch gestures and hence the web browsing experience is more interactive as it enables one to interact directly with what is displayed, rather than indirectly with a cursor.

A new dimension to Games and Applications

Touch Screens provided a new dimension to games and applications. From entertainment point of view a QWERTY business phone cannot compete with a touch screen phone. Each application gives a more heightened interactive experience.

Research firm Strategy Analytics predicts that 40 per cent of mobile phones will incorporate touch sensitive technology by 2012. Is this true? We can predict this because after all "Highly Interactive Cutting Edge Technology" matters.


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