How to deal with beautiful girls

Try to remember the last time you sat in a coffee shop or sitting in a cafe and sit in front of two beautiful women. What is on your mind? "Wow, beautiful. And you'd love to acquaintances!"
And then your friends start saying, "life expectancy pretty crazy .." and for 5 minutes you and your friends will discuss the woman and then encouraged to invite mutual acquaintances.
Five minutes later, you still continue to tease each other, and maybe .. possible (although I think rarely) any of you who will spend the idea that you think is pretty brilliant, "Hey wrote on the paper then told waitress delivered just for the ladies .. writes, may acquaintance? .."
And then, maybe .. maybe you'll write it and the paper fell into the hands of these women, they read it and then fell silent and then all of a sudden they got up and out of the cafe, tearing the paper.
You can only pause and reflect.
Or maybe you did not do such a brilliant idea and just tease each other for 30 minutes, watching these women were talking and then they left.
Does that make you or your friends do not stand up and straight up to them?
The fear of rejection. That's it.
As many as 99% of men, including you, will only be silent and thought to come to these women. Silent until they are gone and leave yourself a float in the sense of regret, wishing if only you knew his brother, friend or anyone who recognizes the woman attractive.
You give up even before it started because of fear of rejection.
I still remember to this day how fear arises. How do I dripped sweat just by imagining I stood up and walked over to the woman pulled in front of me.
I still remember feeling tense and shaky imagined risks will I get if I approached him.
I imagine if he rejected me and said something rude to me, I imagine he would yell, "HEY!! YOU Sok handsome! GO THERE!"
I imagine the shame if that happened. I imagine how the reaction of the woman who would make me embarrassed in front of friends or even a cafe. And finally I will go home with a sense of upset because they do not feel are not given a fair chance.
And it all happened in my head. Only in my head.
Now I want you to think for a moment, compare REJECTION OF ILLUSION (who happens you pat on the head) with REJECTION WHICH ACTUALLY (women who get angry because it hurt and others)
Think for a moment ..
And what really happened? REJECTION OF ILLUSION that happened in my head and you feel more painful than the actual rejection.
Why I can conclude like that?
Because real women are not cruel to the man who took her acquaintance, because in fact it's actually REJECTION OF ILLUSION really far away from reality and is really just an illusion created by our brains are incredible.
Because real men are very rarely rejected harshly by women (except if you indeed deserve to be treated harshly.)
If a woman does not want to chat with you, most of them will say "Excuse me, but again NOT be disturbed." Or "Thanks .."
Just that. And look they even apologized to you.
Of the many hits that I did until last night, I've never met a woman who screamed, "YOU GUYS GONE cheesy! Look stylish ONCE YOU BAD AGAIN, FIRST GLASS LOOK THERE!"
Never ..
Yes this may be experienced by men who insulted their cheesy, but it never happened to me.
Many have asked how to overcome this REJECTION OF ILLUSION? Every time I would approach a woman ILLUSION appeared directly and in the form of an increasingly dire.
How do I remove this REJECTION OF ILLUSION?
The simple answer.
Do not worry about it.
Do not khawatirin.
Just as the Magic ILLUSION, THE ILLUSION rejection never really existed.
Just get over it.
If you are 'rejected' you'll be fine.
Seriously, as I say 'denial' are very rare.
And if it happens, then you can forget about it within a few minutes. That's it. You will be told to your friends and then you'll laugh with them and finished .. no woman who slapped you and others.
Everything is just an illusion.
The real question is, how you can overcome the rejection.
Many men I have seen boldly approach a woman who has not been met and later rejected. Why?
Let me describe one by one.

1. Starting with something that stupid. Many of the men that I see a woman came out and said, "Hey lo deh cute." And maybe a lot of stupid pickup lines like, "Hi, your eyes are good yes .." Seriously .. thatís what I call bad idea.
2. Make the woman feel uncomfortable. If you are nervous in front of female acquaintances whom you, your eyes blinking continues, do not dare look at her directly, speak softly, your hair a mess, your clothes are not neat, it is reasonable if the woman will say, "Excuse me, but again lazy to talk to ya. "
3. Not understanding the signal from the women and how to communicate with it. When you start talking with a woman or more, they will show you whether they are interested in you or not, whether they want to spend time with you or not.
If you often hear or read from a book about the signs a woman is attracted to you in a way they will play her hair, wet his lips and others, forget it all.
That happened to Nicholas Saputra cuman or Brad Pitt. It's all just false signs.
My point is, most men get a refusal or failure to get the number of female acquaintances whom he is due to the errors above, they are too nervous, or they do not understand the woman.
But definitely here is the ILLUSION REJECTION, if you are influenced by ILLUSION and dwells only then yes you never know what will happen, you've lost before you start anything.
And what can I be against the ILLUSION?
to start slowly, talking with those who are paid to speak.
Talking with the waitress, sales approached to ask about the products they sell.
Do it and feel the difference. Then take the time to go clubbing or a place filled with human interactions such as the clubbing, bustling cafe. You will see many men who take female acquaintance, there are invited to dance, some women are offered a drink.
Notice what they fail or succeed, notice even if he does not succeed does not happen with him, you may see also the man who apply are not polite. And you can conclude for yourself which one good thing to do and what does not.
These will help you to rearrange your brain that had been filled with the illusion of rejection and help yourself to realize that it actually REJECTION OF ILLUSION is just an illusion.
You might think, "Well if I was able to eliminate these REJECTION ILLUSION I will be able to get any woman, I will be able to talk to women anywhere and get their mobile numbers."
Unfortunately, eliminating ILLUSION is just one step in improving success with women.
Stepping and then approached a woman to speak does not mean they will be attracted to you.
It took that long for me to realize this, and it took that much longer for me to know 'something' when in fact there are secret techniques, there are secret weapons that can be done for women interested in us just by talking to them.
I am ever in your position and I know how it feels to come home feeling sorry for not getting her number in front of my lovely and cute.
I know the feeling.



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