Being Single Men The Luxury and Quality

I want you to count for a moment, how long have you living single?

Many people feel ashamed if you have to admit he was single. Whatever the reason, the longer single, the more embarrassed to express. When in fact there is nothing wrong with to undergo solitude with lifestyle.

In addition, a single man can have more opportunities to have fun with friends male and female. A single man can concentrate fully satisfy themselves with penitian his career. A single man is also usually have freedom of time to explore a hobby or personal interest.

So compared with men who are paired, single condition can actually give more luxury in your life, right?

The question you need to consider is ...

... Would you have used all the rights of such luxury?

Because if not, it would be fair if you feel the sting of loneliness poison called depression.

And more funny anymore, if you're trying to find a girlfriend because he felt lonely like that, it somehow all the women seemed to move away from you. Realize that the more you pursue, the more they run. The more you woo, the more they lose interest in you. Even if you're lucky and managed to find a new boyfriend, depression, loneliness will not just disappear.
Friend, kelajangan that are not utilized instead will tend to turn against you! There are so many things that HARAM you miss it when you're still single. Think for yourself: what can you do when you're in a state single? Quality of life and luxury is what you miss and forget to be grateful for this?

Ponder the following basic principles are:

1. FREEDOM, FREEDOM, FREEDOM. Freedom will make your life more lively spontaneous, like a child who is still minimal responsibility. It is important for you to use the freedom-financial-time energy is to improve the quality of life as closely as possible.

You can go anywhere and decide what course without the need to discuss it in person. You can act crazy without the hassle anyone but yourself. You do not have to mess around with the routine of giving the news and ask for news about your lover. There is no obligation to ask permission, no guilt if you want to go have fun with your friends.

This seems just plain common sense, but freedom is the greatest luxury will you miss if you'll already have a partner. Do not waste this time, enjoy your freedom now. That's an order!

2. FINANCIAL WHOLLY OWNED YOU. One of the advantages of the single is that you do not need to divide your income for purposes of routine romance. Relationship is to spend money. People who are dating must set aside an additional expenditure to treat food lovers and the streets every week.

Being single means that all your financial strength is entirely yours, free to be used to satisfy yourself. You can buy the latest gadgets and accessories. You are free to watch various movies, concerts and visit the party more than ever before. You can be free to blow the budget for health and fitness.

If you've just broken up, then immediately channel the excess money that some previously used to please your lover-now to satisfy your heart and yourself, for example by buying a Playstation 3 you've always seek for this. You are entitled to enjoy the results of your efforts. You deserve to be happy yourself. In fact, my advice ... do not ever stingy to yourself!

3. SUPER STRESS minimal. Try to remember every time you are in a relationship, you become so attached so lazy to do other activities outside of dating. You rarely exercise, rarely read books, rarely meet new people, rarely have time for yourself. No wonder if you feel tired and depressed, all your life the resources spent to maintain the continuity relationship.

That's what happens in the life of dating, engaged, or married. When single, you only need to take care of yourself. You no longer have suffered depression, trying to guess the contents of your lover's heart, stress due to recurrence of conflict with, or eat liver forced to please his family, too. By default, people prone to stress when too many try to take care of and pleasing others.

When single, you again become one of the most important and foremost in your life. You are only responsible to yourself, no need to worry about stuff you do not like. Men are strong and astute in control in his own life would be much healthier mentally and physically, but also looks sexy in her eyes.

Happy and self-indulgent, it is easy, right?

4. EXPLORATION OF SELF. Although already in the era that supports emancipation, women still have limitations when compared with men. For example, single women are more likely to be considered not in demand, while single men are not always perceived as such. Men can be a lifetime adventure and is considered cool, while women are considered to be too much adventure has no purpose in life. This is excess and the key of the quality of a man.

So for men, the more he explores himself by trying a variety of experiences, the higher the value of quality than other men. I want you with honesty and a big heart to answer the following points:

* New things what you have learned over the last six months?
* What new skills the more you sharpen the last three months?
* Books and reading what you've spent the last month?
* What differences have you doing this week compared to your male colleagues?
* Achieving what you have today to prove you are better than the previous day?
A man has a lot of strength and opportunity to widen the capacity itself. Things like that usually only be done in a single period of time! If you've been dating, you'd know this.

When you develop a passion to be the best self in all areas, you will find more satisfaction and enjoyment in life. You no longer have time to feel lonely. As one Indian philosopher named Omkar Phatak, "Being single is getting over the illusion That there is somebody out there to complete you and taking charge of your own life."

Additional Miracles happen when you are busy enjoying all the luxuries you are single, you actually almost by itself be a magnet for women. Womenfolk attracted to men who know how to maintain and hone her like that. A man who has self-sharpening qualities to be the best, aka Men Glossy!

Starting from today, point all your heart and your mind to be a man who is always challenging herself to new experiences and knowledge. The man who really knows how to enjoy kelajangan with festive, rather than the man who a lot of mellow, complain and feel lonely when single.

Write down and identify the four luxury living above, and then and use as possible. Luxury quality of your life is not judged by your ownership or financial condition, but from how much you are able to take advantage of natural conditions you and double it for happiness. If you neglect to use it, not only are you so depressed and lonely, but also trapped in the curse of single forever because women do not like men who 'poor' life.



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